Whether we’re pitching a new business idea or giving a toast to our grandma, well told stories inspire others to share our hearts and minds.
— Gale McCreary

It all started when…

…Gale McCreary joined Toastmasters. She was a newly retired corporate CEO seeking new friends in a new community. As she grew in her appreciation of Toastmasters’ mission to “empower individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders”, Gale began mentoring others, both inside of her club and with organizations such as Stanford’s Cardinal Ventures.

Today Gale sees a growing need for communication skills in all stages of life, and especially in our youth. With remote social media, texting and online gaming replacing face-to-face communication, comfort with public speaking is an ever-growing need. There is no substitute for the sharing that takes place in conversation, speaking and story telling, for it is how we inspire others, exchange knowledge and express our humanity. If this next generation is charged with solving the World’s problems, it is our job to give them the skills to do so.