With a focus on the pre-teen, SpeechStory offers Workshops specifically designed for the 5th grade, in groups of 12 students. (Larger classes may require multiple Workshops.)

75 minute weekly classes are offered over a period of 6 weeks. Each week a special lesson is taught by the SpeechStory coordinator, followed by assigned speeches given by the students. Students are coached to run their own SpeechStory sessions through a prescribed meeting format, which includes feedback and evaluations.

5th Grade Workshops

6 weeks

every week a new lesson

Over the course of six weeks the students grow in their understanding of story structure, audience engagement and stage presence. They learn what works and what doesn’t by becoming thoughtful evaluators and supporting each other.


for up to 12 students


75 minutes

structured student-run meetings

Leadership skills develop as students share the roles of running the workshop meetings, including opening, adjournment and proper introductions.


3 speeches

covering 3 speaking projects

Students’ skill and confidence evolve as they learn to talk about themselves, tell about an event and share a story.


Add to the fun by participating in a SpeechStory Contest!